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Rochelle Sanchez – rochellesanchez.com

In this episode, Rochelle and I talk about Rochelle’s biz *rochellesanchez.com*, and all of our favorite things.

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Cierra Giesbrecht – The Charmed Life VAs

In this episode, I have Cierra Giesbrecht from The Charmed Life VAs (https://www.facebook.com/charmedlifeva/) and we talk about how she started her business, and why she is one of the coolest Canadians I have ever met 🙂 Enjoy, and leave a 5 star review!

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Jenny Blaisdell – Confetti Social

I am so excited to share this episode with you! Jenny is a Social Media manager, and has an awesome business called Confetti Social! (confettisocial.com) She is also a lifestyle blogger who loves fashion, Gossip Girl, and living in Texas! Check out this episode!

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Aegean Thompson – Money Queen Radio

Today on the show, we have Aegean Thompson!


It was so fun chatting about Gossip Girl, Teen Mom and The Law of Attraction! Hope you enjoy!

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Micaela Teves – The Mindshift Catalyst

In this episode, Charis talks to Micaela from themindshiftcatalyst.com about her business of helping people heal their depression and anxiety! Micaela was so awesome to talk to because she was different from anyone else that has been on the show so far! Listen as we talk about our dogs, Chris Pratt, and crystals! Enjoy!

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