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Megan Sieg – megmadeup.com

Today I chat with Megan Sieg from megmadeup.com! We talked a lot about science, and how plastic really sucks for your health and the environment. Take it from a real scientist and stop using plastic!

We also talked about the Gilmore Girls revival, and how girls from Illinois and Texas have more things in common than you might think!

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Disclaimer: (IKIDS is partially funded by the EPA): The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. EPA.

Michelle Lewis – The Visibility Vixen

Welcome to episode 23! I am so excited to have Michelle from Visibility Vixen with me (https://www.visibilityvixen.com/) to talk about her business where she helps others skyrocket their visibility, monetize their success + bring their unique message into the online space.

We had a blast talking about her acting career, and I got the inside scoop on what it’s really like to be on the Gilmore Girls set! It was a dream come true for me!

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Desiree Wiercyski – Sugar and Spikes Consulting

Desiree Wiercyski from the Sugar and Spikes podcast and Sugar and Spikes consulting (desireew.com) is here today to chat with me all about her business, personality tests and her new found love for Indiana! It was a pleasure having you, Desiree!

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Tracy Wren – myhippielifecoach.com

The Good Pod welcomes life coach Tracy Wren (myhippielifecoach.com) to the show! We get deep in this one and talk about Christianity, Love, Loss, and I try to teach Tracy about 90s Christian music (because someone needs to lol).

Special shoutouts in the episode to Caroline Elisabeth, Melody Spencer, Dexter Talbert, Bren Drescher and Ashley DeLuca! Go listen to their episodes now!

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Ashley DeLuca – ashleykdeluca.com

SO HAPPY to welcome Ashley DeLuca to The Good Pod! You can find her at ashleykdeluca.com

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Bryn Drescher – bryndrescher.com

This week, I welcome my new TV friend, Bryn Drescher! This is probably the most TV filled episode yet, and I loved every second of talking to Bryn. She is just amazing! You can find her everywhere on social media @bryndrescher, and on her website, bryndrescher.com!

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