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Alyssa Cabral – Chic Assist

In this episode, I talk to Alyssa Cabral from Chic Assist. Alyssa currently lives in Germany with her husband who is in the military. We talked about her travels, her love of Kyle Richards, and life overseas.

You can learn more about Alyssa on her website, chicassist.com

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Garrett Simmons – The Wacoans Podcast

Check out this episode with Garrett Simmons from The Wacoans Podcast here in Waco, TX! My first in person interview, and the first (I mean second…we had Dexter on the very first episode and I totally forgot!!! Sorry Dexter! 😉 ) guy that’s been on The Good Pod! Go check out his podcast and subscribe!! You can find it on iTunes here – https://thegoodpod.com/thewacoanspodcast
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Sheedia Jansen – heysheedia.com

In this episode, I chat with Sheedia Jansen from heysheedia.com all about her business, why she enjoys helping others and why she should start liking Lebron James.

You can find Sheedia in her Facebook group: http://bit.ly/FreeSpiritShepreneurs or on Instagram here: http://instagram.com/heysheedia!

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Bola Sokunbi – Clever Girl Finance

I am so lucky to welcome my friend Bola Sokunbi from Clever Girl Finance! (clevergirlfinance.com)

Hope you enjoy the episode.

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Caitlin Nystrom – styleNmotion

This is such a fun episode with Caitlin Nystrom from styleNmotion (http://stylenmotion.com)

Listen as we talk all about her styling business where she is the Tan France to all who know her! AND we talk about #RHONY, The Good Place, and much more!

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Melissa Smith – Healthy Joyful Living

This week I chatted with my new friend Melissa Smith from Healthy Joyful Living! She is so positive and i really just tried to soak up her positive energy the entire time I spoke to her!

Melissa Smith is a Holistic Health Coach specializing in digestive distress and anxiety. Melissa focuses on working with women who face IBS and anxiety, providing support across the daily challenges of balancing life, career, and health. Melissa believes that self-love, forgiveness and freedom are the keys to finding your true joy. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Education and Exercise Science and a Master’s degree in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation.

You can find Melissa here: http://melissasmithhealth.com



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